Star Bread

This extraordinary looking bread is bound to make you want to take a closer look. A lot of people were making this and posting on the Internet some months ago, and I did too, but didn’t get around to posting it on my blog. And though I don’t have more than 5 readers (!!), I…

Pão de Queijo

So in my newly launched blog, and my new name PavPourri, lies my favorite pastime right now, which is baking different kinds of bread. Pav in Hindi means bread and the word Pav has the same pronunciation and various spellings all over the world. Take, for instance, this fabulous Brazilian cheese bread, Pão de Queijo….

Green Pasta (for the kids)

Not sure about other kids, but mine refuse to eat spinach. Or any leaves. They love broccoli and most vegetables but hate spinach. But I’ve been trying very hard to get them to eat it. This is what we made for dinner tonight and they actually liked it. I wouldn’t say loved but they did…


These little pillows of cheesy French heaven are a perfect snack or appetizer. It is a baked savory pastry made of choux dough. Choux dough or pate a choux is a dough made of only water, butter, milk and flour. Choux pastry is used to make such marvelous things as profiteroles, eclairs and beignets. And…

Pasta with Brown Butter Sauce

Have you made brown butter? Don’t think about the calories for once and go make this sauce. It’s one of the best things you would’ve done. And you can always just smell, taste and then feed your hungry family, friends and neighbors. And let me tell you, they’ll come asking when they smell that sauce….