Nasi Goreng

I had bookmarked this super easy recipe years ago. Assuming that it might require a lot of traditional ingredients, I hadn’t bothered to even read it. I figured that at some point I would buy these ingredients and that day I would magically make this recipe!

Do you have a lot of recipes bookmarked? It’s now my project to try every one of my bookmarked recipes before bookmarking any more. That’s the most difficult thing for me, because my relaxation is reading about food, recipes, cookbooks, imagining how I’d make it, and bookmarking it diligently in neat, orderly folders.

I’m making great progress though, so hopefully I’ll get through them soon. Some of them have been terrible but I’m sharing the ones that are easy and delicious. And this was one of them.

Nasi Goreng

(Originally from Saveur “Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng))

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tbsp dark brown sugar

2 shallots, roughly chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 tsp crushed red chilies, or to taste

1/4 cup peanut oil

4 eggs

5 cups cooked, cold white rice (short grain is better)

4 1/2 tsp kecap manis (sweet soy sauce)

Purée soy sauce, sugar, shallots, garlic, chilies and 2 tbsp of water in a blender until smooth. Set aside the paste.

In a skillet, fry each egg separately in the oil until yolks are just set. Keep aside.

Heat the skillet again, add the paste and cook for about 3 minutes, until fragrant. Add the cold rice, breaking up the clumps and stir until fully combined and heated through, about 8 minutes. Add the kecap manis, and combine, stirring for another minute.

Season with salt.

Divide the rice among four bowls, and top each with a fried egg. Garnish with spring onions.



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