"Almost" BBQ Chicken

Okay, a recipe couldn’t get any easier. I got this from a weight watcher’s recipe a long time ago. Its a really easy recipe, and quite a favorite at home. The sauce tastes like an imitation barbecue sauce and gives it a great flavor.

Diet Coke Chicken

1/2 cup Ketchup
12 oz Diet Cola (one can)
2 Chicken Breast halves, skinless

Brown the chicken with some cooking spray. Mix the cola and ketchup and pour over the chicken.

Cook, covered, on low for about 25-30 minutes. Remove the chicken breast, increase the heat to medium high and cook till sauce thickens.

Serve the chicken with the sauce spooned on top.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Priya says:

    Woww tempting bbq chicken,marvellous..


  2. wow I am going to try this out very very very sooon


  3. Divya Vikram says:

    That looks like an amazing recipe with only 3 ingredients! Bookmarked!


  4. Spill says:

    That's a mouthful I am sure simple love to try it at home..thanks for sharing this one..


  5. wow!!
    it looks delicious. So yummy!!


  6. Shruti says:


    Nice blog. All the dishes are so tempting.

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