Okra Buttermilk Curry

This is a mild curry that’s great with rice and/or rotis.

Okra Buttermilk Curry

200 g Okra
500 g Yogurt
1/2 tsp Turmeric
50 ml Oil
1/2 tsp Mustard Seeds
1/4 tsp Fenugreek Seeds
4 Red Chillies
2 sprigs Curry Leaves
2 Onions, sliced
2 Green Chillies, cut lengthwise
Salt, to taste
1 tbsp Coconut Oil

Cut the okra into 1.5 cm long pieces. Whip curd with turmeric and keep aside.

Heat oil and season with mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, red chillies and curry leaves. When the mustard seeds pop, add the onions and green chillies. Saute well.

Add the okra and fry well. Finally add the whipped yogurt, salt to taste and simmer on low heat.


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Priya says:

    Beautiful looking curry…fabulous.


  2. beautiful looking curry…i love okra…will try it out…


  3. Raaga says:

    I like this idea… like a cross between vendakkai mor kuzhambu and dahi bhindi.



    I just finished a bag of okra… will save this recipe for the next one! Have to make your tomato mor kuzhambu again soon!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Great post! I’m looking to make some changes in my own eating habits, so I appreciate your insight a lot! Thank you. I recently stumbled upon this blog like I did yours and I thought your readers may appreciate it: http://burisonthecouch.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/food-for-thought/

    I’ve started to look for their stuff more regularly and I think I’m going to add your blog to my list as well. Thanks for the post!



  5. Divya Vikram says:

    Love the combo of okra and buttermilk..


  6. Cynthia says:

    You had me at okra.


  7. KamalKitchen says:

    i love bhindi made with dahi.. this looks really yummy..must try!



  8. Sayantani says:

    thats a great dish. love okra in tangy sauces. am new to your page and came here from Bharathy's blog.
    Just thought of informing you that we have again started the Arusuvai Friendship chain. You were a part of this last time if you are still interested in taking part please see this http://ahomemakersdiary.blogspot.com/2010/11/arusuvai-friendship-chain-another.html


  9. hello madam.

    I am from Generation Now Media. have gone through your blog. would like to contact you regarding a small documentary film.

    Please let me know if interested.


  10. catering ny says:

    I love waffle. You can make different flavor inside of the waffle. Thanks for sharing how to make waffle.


  11. Tony says:

    Found your blog by accident – looking up Moth lentils on Google – but will be checking in regularly from now on!
    Some of them will make an old man(me) very happy as you can't always get good Indian food in Sherwood Forest.
    Thanks Arundathi


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