Tomato Pasta

I love pasta. Any shape or form. My favorite kind of pasta is without sauce and tossed with pepperoncino, garlic and a little drizzle of olive oil. I’m not huge on heavy sauces and particularly tend to stay away from the cheesy white sauces.

This is a recipe I bookmarked ages ago from Lolo, and finally got to use it. Finally I found a pasta sauce that I love and it’s super easy too. And the pasta isn’t drowned in the sauce, it only adds to the flavor.

I made the pasta at home with 50% whole wheat and 50% all-purpose flour, using my recipe.

Tomato Pasta
(original recipe at Vegan YumYum – I made a couple of changes)

1 Large Tomato, cored and chopped
1/4 cup Raw Pine nuts
1 tbsp Pureed Tomato
1/4 cup Water
1 tbsp Olive Oil
4 cloves Garlic, minced
5-6 ounces Pasta (I made a fettuccine-ish shaped pasta)
2-3 tbsp Water

For Garnish: Fresh Ground Pepper, Basil Leaves (torn)

Put a large pot of salted water on to boil. Add the pasta to the boiling water. Cook until al dente, strain and set aside.

Blend the chopped tomato, tomato puree, pine nuts and water (the 1/4 cup) in the blender. Blend well until you get a smooth sauce.

Heat a pan with some olive oil. Add the garlic and saute until slightly browned. Add the mixture from the blender and saute until the raw smell of the tomato is gone (about 3-4 minutes). Add the 2-3 tbsp of water, if necessary, to thin out the sauce.

Add the cooked pasta to the saute pan and toss to coat. Remove from heat. Garnish with fresh black pepper and basil leaves.

This is one of the best pasta sauces I’ve ever had. It was creamy and delicious. And look at that gorgeous color! Thanks, Lolo!

Now check out what wondrous stuff my fellow marathoners have cooked up in their kitchens:

DK, Siri, Srivalli, Ranji, PJ, Curry Leaf, Medha, Priya, Bhawna, Raaji, Ruchii, Kamala, Roopa, Divya Kudua, Rekha, Divya, Lakshmi, Raaga, Lakshmi, Sripriya and Viji.


35 Comments Add yours

  1. Happy cook says:

    Here at home we all are big pasta fans. This looks so yumm, love the way you plated it up


  2. Looks mouth-watering. My daughter is a big fan of tomato-pasta


  3. Curry Leaf says:

    Lovely,I have already bookmarked you basic pasta recipe and this looks very lovely.


  4. PJ says:

    We seem to share the same tastes!!Bookmarked ur recipe


  5. Medhaa says:

    looks delicious, have to try making pasta at home


  6. lakshmi says:

    people are going to think we’re twins or something – i was going to post pasta, now i have changed my mind


  7. Peter M says:

    I really like the addition of ground pine nuts in the sauce…great texture!


  8. Sagari says:

    nice and yummy looking pasta arundathi


  9. Divya Vikram says:

    I like the first pic Anu! And you have made it like a pro..


  10. Divya Kudua says:

    Pasta looks so delicious Anu..I’ve been drop-jawed when I saw that you make your own pasta..great great going Anu!!


  11. Arundathi says:

    Happy Cook – Thanks – Yes, we’re big pasta fans here too!Lakshmi Venkatesh – My daughter too!Curry Leaf – Do try it – its yummy!PJ – Cool! Hope you like it!Medhaa – Do try it – its easy and you’ll never go back to store-boughtLakshmi – haha!! Waiting to see your pastaPeter M – Yes it gives it a great creamy textureSagari – ThanksDivya Vikram – Thanks Divya Kudua – You’ve gotta try too – its easy!


  12. Srivalli says:

    hahah..seriously Lak has some sense of humor!..Anu, that pasta looks great!


  13. kamala says:

    Pasta looks grt Anu..My daughter love it very much


  14. Roopa says:

    great looking yummy pasta ! I wanted some variation with the regular pasta sauce, I think yours looks great:)


  15. Madhu says:

    Home made pasta, thats something i have been wanting to try…Looks delicious..


  16. Bhawana says:

    as soon as my hubby saw this he said “mast lag raha hai”. very good Arundathi, delicious and tempting pic.


  17. raaji says:

    we had this sterday with sundried tomatoes and loads of veggies… it.urs look so simple.


  18. Ranjani says:

    Purrfect pasta, dang girl you amaze me with your super woman pasta making abilities every time!


  19. DEESHA says:

    yumm .. i loved the recipe .. shall try it sometime .. i love pasta too


  20. looks great … perfect click…


  21. Pearlsofeast says:

    Me too a pasta lover and not much on sauce except pesto, I simply love ur sauce.This is very enticing and love to try out soon.


  22. Varsha says:

    that pasta luks so yummy…:)


  23. wow the sauce had blended well with the pasta. delectable…


  24. Jacque says:

    Oooh, I’ll bet they were yummy with the pine nuts.Lovely noodles!


  25. arundati says:

    looks fab…. home made pasta eh?? for a pasta junkie… that must be the ultimate fix!! and i am talking of myself here!!


  26. superb pic. 1st one and yummy recipe too


  27. Bharti says:

    Comfort food! We had the same for dinner but yours looks way tastier!


  28. Priya says:

    Delicious comfort food…first pic really makes me hunger..


  29. homecooked says:

    Hmm…looks delicious.We are huge pasta fans. Your pic looks great!


  30. ranji says:

    delicious..even i love pasta…it comes in our dinner menu atleast twice a week..but i use store bought pasta and sauce..never made both things at home…ur pasta looks perfect and sauce sounds fantastic!!!


  31. Arundathi says:

    Valli – thanks!Kamala – yeah my daughter too!Roopa – I hope you try it then!Madhu – Thanks 🙂Bhawana – I hope both of you enjoy it!Raaji – Sundried tomatoes – what a great ideaRanjani – aww you’re so good for my ego!Deesha – do try it!Srikars Kitchen – thanks Pearlsofeast – Yup me too – I love pestoVarsha – Thanks 🙂Ramya Vijaykumar – Yeah it was great – completely coated the pasta.Jacque – Yes the pinenuts were a great flavor, and i might just try the cashews in the original recipe next timeArundati – well, you can include me in that too!Rekhas Kitchen – thank you!Bharti – yes the ultimate comfort foodPriya – yes trulyhomecooked – thank you!ranji – thanks – do try it at home. its easy and you won’t go back to store-bought.


  32. Michelle says:

    Pine nuts swayed me to definitely try this recipe. I can just imagine how rich the flavour is. Smashing!


  33. Arundathi says:

    Michelle – its gorgeous and rich…and delicious! 🙂


  34. Jamie says:

    I just made this last night, it was amazing!


  35. Arundathi says:

    <> Jamie – wasn’t it amazing?! <>


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