Savory Kozhakattai

Usually made on special festival days, Kozhakattai or Indian spiced rice flour balls, are wonderfully steamed and spicy. The dough is traditionally used to make a sweet version stuffed with jaggery. This spicy kind was made with the leftover dough. I personally prefer the savory version! (Sometimes, you’ve got to be glad there are leftovers – often they make a better dish than the original!).

Savory Indian Rice Flour Balls (Kozhakattai)
(Inspired by Laavanya’s post on Cookery Corner)

1 cup Raw Rice, soaked for 3-4 hours
1 tsp Urad Dal
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1/2 tsp Chilli Powder
a pinch of Salt
a pinch of Asafetida
1 tbsp Grated Coconut

2 tbsp Dosa Milagai Podi (Here’s a link to make it at home – it can also be found in most Indian stores – look for the MTR brand)
1 tbsp Crushed Red Pepper

2 tbsp Oil + 1 tbsp for mixing
2-3 Curry Leaves

Grind the soaked raw rice with lots of water into a very watery consistency.

Heat 2 tbsp oil on a pan and pour in the batter. Keep stirring until the batter starts to come together and becomes thicker, almost like a dough. Remove from heat. Add 1 tbsp of oil and the milagai podi or crushed red pepper. Combine into the dough and knead for about five minutes until it is smooth and elastic.

Shape the dough into tiny balls (the size of small marbles). Steam for about 5-7 minutes. The balls will acquire a lovely shine. Keep aside.

Heat some oil in a pan and add the urad dal and mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds start to splutter, add the curry leaves and coconut. Stir fry for a minute.

Add the steamed rice balls, salt and chilli powder to the pan and combine the ingredients. Remove from heat after 4-5 minutes when the balls get slightly browned.

This is a perfect tea-time snack.

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23 Comments Add yours

  1. Siri says:

    Anu – the balls looks so cute.. and yummy! indeed a yummy tea time snack. How did u steam the balls Anu? in an idli cooker? I don’t have one.. any other ideas??HugsSiri


  2. Bharti says:

    Wow…that looks really cool. Trust u to come up with such unique stuff. They’d make perfect party appetizers too if u put party picks on them.


  3. Divya Vikram says:

    I prefer the sweet version..This looks too good Anu..


  4. I think I’ve never eaten anything like them. They sound delicious though!


  5. Nags says:

    i have tasted these once when my sis made it and its delicious. a nice twist to otherwise bland kozhukkattai!


  6. Sunshinemom says:

    You are right about leftovers turning out better than the actual dish! I too love the ‘ammini’ kozhukkotais as we call them. I don’t smear them with molagapodi, but it seems to be a good idea to do that.


  7. DEESHA says:

    iam not very fond of the sweet ones .. this version sounds very yummy have never tried it though .. looks good


  8. jayasree says:

    We make ‘ammini kozhukkattais’ the same way. I love them. Adding milagai podi is a nice twist.


  9. Happy cook says:

    It looks so delicious and cute, i just want to pck them one by one and eat them


  10. Anonymous says:

    The picture looks great. My daughter loves these, I make them with store bought rice powder by adding little water at a time to make a smooth dough. Rest of the process is same, she too loves it with Milagai podi, thanks for reminding me, it is a great snack, try mixing a little ragi powder to it, turned out great and colorful too.


  11. raaji says:

    Rice Balls look so cute.nice shot…


  12. Arundathi says:

    Siri – Yeah I used an idli cooker – it works very well. Hugs.Bharti – Yes they do – people love them – healthy and steamed. Divya Vikram – Thanks. Scott – They are – do try them.Raaga – I saw your sweet version – so professional!Nags – Yes it is delicious. Sunshinemom – the molagapodi gets kneaded in with the dough – not smeared – tastes so much better!Deesha – Thanks. Jayasree – Yup – I think these are called Ammini Kozhakattais.Happy Cook – 🙂 Thanks.Aparna – Thanks so much! Off to check it!Anonymous – The ragi is a great idea – thanks!Raaji – thank you!


  13. Nirmala says:

    Thats lovely and new to me! Adding few toasted ground nuts will make it more tasty! Will try this over this weekend!


  14. its my appa ans annas fav…made it this time with the left over dough and was remembering you… 🙂


  15. Gabi says:

    Those look great! I saw them on Recipe Muncher and had to come check them out- nice job!🙂


  16. Curry Leaf says:

    looks simple and tasty,thanks for sharing the recipe


  17. Arundathi says:

    Nirmala – Hope you enjoyed it! Swati – its become a family favorite here tooGabi – thank youCurry Leaf – Sure, you’re welcome.


  18. bee says:

    i’ve eaten this once and loved it so much. thanks for the recipe. it looks fabulous.


  19. Arundathi says:

    Sure, Bee, you’re welcome.


  20. Nidhi says:

    savory over sweet for me any day. Never tried these. They look very interesting.


  21. Arundathi says:

    Nidhi – Yes, I like savory over sweet too.


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