Garlic Greens and Breakfast

After reading Bee and Jai’s post on Jugalbandi about Garlic Greens, I started craving it. I mean, did you see that cheese log? Mmm. I have absolutely not a single ounce of a green thumb. I even killed a cactus when I was in college!

Not sure what to do, I made my daughter plant the garlic, hoping to trick the curse! And it worked. She is so delighted as well and waters it when she remembers. And today we jumped around the little patch of garden, because there were beautiful green leaves poking out of the ground. We even ate little bits of it right there in the garden!

We had scrambled eggs with cheese and garlic greens, toast and papaya for a complete breakfast.

I got the idea from Nupur’s comment on the post. Thanks Nupur. It was just fabulous. And thanks, Bee and Jai, for that post – I might even try the potatoes next since I’m feeling ever so confident!

This is off to Latha at Masala Magic for WBB’s combination breakfast for August. WBB was started by Nandita of Saffron Trail.


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  1. I rememebr that post…now you got me thinking. I’m currently questioning my green thumb since my citrus plant is shopwing no sign of life. maybe garlic will work better!! That does look yummy…


  2. coco says:

    I’d love to grow my own herbs, etc but there isn’t enough space. 😦Saw your comment on Dispensing Happiness and wanted you to know that this is open for Indian bloggers! I participated last time and got a lovely package that kept me smiling for days together. You can have a look at it here:


  3. Nupur says:

    That looks like a fantastic breakfast! The garlic greens scrambled eggs was something my aunt and I made in Bombay on the rare occasions each year when we would find garlic greens in the vegetable market so this is a dish that is very special to me. I am so glad you were able to try it 🙂


  4. Srivalli says:

    Anu, that seriously looks fab…heheh..good that lil one didn't have your thumb!..:).great idea for breakfast!…will have to check out in person, as I was so curious when I saw that in B&J's post!


  5. Ranjani says:

    That plate looks very inviting!Had no idea you had a green thumb too!Way to go:)


  6. Bharti says:

    yeah! Good for you..I understand how you feel. I have a black thumb..I just about manage a couple of herbs in a pot. I can just imagine your daughter’s excitement!


  7. bee says:

    we’ve killed numerous cactii. they are among the hardest to grow indoors – mainly through overwatering. glad your daughter could experience the joy of growing something. try sticking a n onion or spring onion in the ground. even ginger and lemongrass are very easy.


  8. Dibs says:

    Thanks for visiting. I’ve updated the post with a pic of my grandad’s old gramaphone as well! Its always such a thrill to see something grow is isn’t it? I am unable to eat anything I grow, as I land up feeling bad about hurting the plant…. except for some fruit trees, and curry leaves tree. Even then I apologise to the plant, and then go about the task of ‘grusome’ task of plucking! :-((


  9. I just recently had a potato harvest. Thanks to Jai and Bee’s uidance. The thrill of harvesting something is great isnt it. And glad your daughter has such a green thumb. Breakfast looks wholesome and yummie


  10. Arundathi says:

    Deeba – i’ve always heard that citrus is difficult. try the garlic – seriously, it’s delicious!Coco – thanks so much coco. i’m definitely going to take part then!Nupur – Thanks, Nupur. It was a great idea – who would’ve thought something so simple would taste so delicious! 🙂Srivalli – You should try it at home. Its seriously simple and easy to do.Ranjani – 🙂 lol – no no – no green thumb – it was all my daughter! Bharti – Am going to try herbs next!Bee – Lol – thanks – I feel better abt the cactii! Going to try spring onion next. And I’ve also put those potatoes in the cardboard box! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks bee for the lovely post. Dibs – 🙂 Its healthy for the plant to get “trimmed” and grow some more. As long as you’re not killing the plant, you don’t need to apologize!Aparna Inguva – That’s great – I hope my potatoes will do well too!


  11. mitr_bayarea says:

    Lovely colorful display..LoL-ed at your sentence on killing the cactus at college.


  12. Dragon says:

    Thank goodness your daughter broke the curse 🙂


  13. Arundathi says:

    Mitr – I’m glad Bee said that its easy to kill cactii – I’ve been feeling a little better since then!Dragon – Yup!


  14. PG says:

    The breakfast looks really yummy! The papaya, oh how i miss it!


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