French Toast

My daughter’s favorite. I’m not a huge fan of dessert for breakfast, so usually make mine without the sugar…

French Toast

2 eggs
1 1/4 cups milk
1 Tbsp sugar
6 slices bread (crusts off)
2 Tbsp butter

Lightly beat eggs. Whisk in milk and sugar.
Melt 1/2 the butter in a pan.
Add a slice of bread to the egg mixture. Turn the bread and allow to become saturated.
Place in the pan and brown on both sides.
Repeat with the remaining bread.
Drizzle with maple syrup and enjoy!

This is my entry for the Food for Plastic Challenge III, hosted by What’s Cooking?. Tupperware has named April “Children’s Month” and will be donating part of their proceeds to Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs.


19 Comments Add yours

  1. never had sweet french toast.. would try this one…


  2. Srivalli says:

    You have a daughter??..I didn’t know that…good! now tell me how are you keeping tab on all these events…:)..when I was a kid, french toast was my favorite too! your plate looks yummy..for a person who was on a break, this is being on roll!


  3. Arundathi says:

    Yes I have a 2-yr old daughter 🙂 she’ll eat anything if it has sugar on it! The secret to the events is pretty simple but crazy – i actually put them on a calendar if i find it interesting when I come across them! i know – sounds too much! haha!yes, i know – i think i’m as excited about the photography as the food! enjoying it all again!


  4. Arundathi says:

    @ Swati – do let me know how it turns out!


  5. kamala says:

    This is my fav one.Plate looks good with maple syrup


  6. Sagari says:

    what a delecious looking french toast arundathi


  7. Ben says:

    Hmmm yummy, I love French toast for breakfast also. Unfortunately, I never had it as a kid 😦 Thanks for the great entry and good luck!


  8. Cham says:

    My fav but without sugar! Looks delicious


  9. Uma says:

    delicious entry.


  10. Dhivya says:

    delicious one:)nice entry


  11. Divya Vikram says:

    These are my favorite even now..I have it without the maple syrup though!


  12. bhags says:

    french toast is my fav also, but never have tried a sweet one or with maple syrup either…..this one looks nice and warm and crispy


  13. Dee says:

    I like mine without sugar too!! Nice recipe!!


  14. Sandeepa says:

    I like mine without sugar and with onions and green chillies 🙂


  15. Arundathi says:

    Thanks everyone – it tastes great with the sugar, but its so versatile that you can make it savory as well (as sandeepa has said). Yes, Sandeepa, I love mine the same! Good luck to you too Ben! Am waiting for the round-up!


  16. Madhavi says:

    French toast, hummmmmm looks mouthwatering,yummmmmmmm!!!


  17. TBC says:

    I love french toast and make it pretty often. I have 2 versions- one smilar to this but minus the sugar and with some vanilla essence, and the other one- a nicely spiced up desi version.:-)


  18. Arundathi says:

    The desi one sounds up my alley. But vanilla is a great idea – should try that out next time. Thanks.


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